Viber Marketing Messages – Essential Mobile Marketing Trend

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Viber Marketing Messages are increasingly used in Vietnamese businesses. Specifically, according to Viber reports, the number of new business accounts opened on Viber skyrocketed by 87% in 2021. The top industries using this marketing solution include financial services, retail, travel & resort, and healthcare.

Let’s find out about the importance of new Mobile Marketing solutions through this article!

What is the Viber Marketing Message?

Viber Marketing Message is a service to send Viber messages to implement marketing solutions to transmit information of brand promotion programs, product/service advertising or customer care programs.

viber marketing messages

Benefits of Viber Marketing Messages

To understand more about the Viber Marketing Message service, as well as explain why this is an increasingly popular service for businesses, here are the benefits that this tool brings to businesses. 

Effective brand promotion

When using viber marketing messages, businesses can set up a Viber ID (sender). It helps the business to create its own mark. Specifically, elements such as brand name/product/service, or logo will be displayed in the sender section.

This is the great advantage and makes the difference between this form of marketing compared to other forms. As a result, customers easily recognize the brand as well as remember more quickly about it.

Easily attract customers

With content containing up to 1000 characters, unsigned, viber marketing messages service allows businesses to create diverse content that is easier to convey messages. Besides, this form of marketing also supports inserting images, icons, videos,… This special feature has the ability to increase the persuasiveness of the message content, contributing to attracting customers easily.

Increase conversion rate

Thanks to the ability to set up the CTA (call to action) button, Viber Marketing service allows businesses to create multi-dimensional interactions depending on the purpose of use. For example, consulting, registering to use, booking an appointment, calling for advice, texting via chat box, …

Besides, the combination of engaging content and calling buttons will increase customer conversion rates.

Cost effective optimization

Marketing by messaging service via Viber application is considered a marketing solution to help businesses optimize costs extremely effectively. Specifically, 20 – 40% is the cost savings ratio of a business when using this form compared to other forms of mobile marketing.

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Is Viber Marketing Messages the current mobile marketing trend?

In fact, the mobile marketing trend is an inevitable marketing trend today. Because not only Vietnam but also the percentage of smartphone users is increasing rapidly globally. That is the reason to affirm that any market researcher or marketer finds that OTT application is indispensable in reaching consumers.

In Vietnam, by the end of 2022, the growth rate of smartphone users is expected to be 85%. Therefore, Vietnam is considered as one of the strategic markets of Viber.

This is proven to be true, as businesses use this platform application more and more because of the effective sales promotion that this service brings.

In addition, viber marketing messages meets all 5 messaging trends that businesses can implement in 2022 to promote revenue growth, including:

  • Increased personalized experience;
  • Have more visual content;
  • Increased focus on interaction;
  • Increased automation;
  • Marketing channel optimization.

viber marketing messages

Where to register to use viber marketing messages effectively?

Viber marketing messages are applied effectively when using this service at ViHAT. Specifically, now ViHAT has completed the Viber Marketing service system with outstanding advantages including:

  • The software system used has 100% fully integrated API, supporting all online activities;
  • Direct cooperation system with Viber;
  • The system is programmed by a professional technical team with high quality, safety and information security. Specifically, ViHAT was granted an ISO certificate of product quality and prestige;
  • Many offers.

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The viber marketing messages is really a marketing solution that should not be missed for businesses with a highly competitive consumer market. Hopefully, the article will help businesses get ideas for applying mobile marketing tools in a reasonable way. From there, it will help to promote outstanding business development.

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